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Shemales Fising

Well I think I have seen just about every kinky thing the internet has to offer. I have jacked off to shemales, scat, torture, beastiality, fisting, public, pretty much everything. I was hopeing yall out there could shock me. If anyone posts for me a link to something truly shocking, truly kinky, ill post one back. Hopefully we can find something that will shock me.

shemales fising

I confess that I think more about being forced to become a shemale sex slave than I do my otherwise normal life. I have a job, a car, and a room in a nice house, but the prospect of being isolated from the world and fed hormones for life while being used and humiliated daily overwhelms any sense of normalcy. I've even begun shaving my entire body, and have made profiles on Collar Me, FetLife, and The Slave Register in hopes that someone decides they want to transform me into a slutty shemale fuck doll. Humiliation videos and shemales with small tits are the norm for me, unless I'm feeling like I want to be abused, in which case human toilet, huge toys, or fisting vids get me off. 041b061a72

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