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4there are two schools of thought as to why weapon control is so weak. one is that the nra has so much political power that gun control advocates are reluctant to go to battle with them. i was interested in seeing if that was true. the second is that, aside from weapon control proponents such as the brady campaign, there is also a strong pro-hunting lobby that was willing to spend money. to learn what their money bought me, i requested and received data on contributions from hunt clubs to various political groups. a check of donations to the nra in 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2003 produced this following data:

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so, this isnt really a study of the nra, but its worth noting that nra contributions increased when the nra was clearly the most powerful political force in the world (congressional research service 2003 congressional research service 1) but how powerful was the nra? i was particularly interested in seeing how much money gun control organizations were spending. so, i requested and received data from the nra as well. but that data gave me a different answer to the question. the nra spent $58,900,000 in 1990, $51,900,000 in 1995, $79,000,000 in 2000, and $110,650,000 in 2003 (federal elections commission 2003 federal elections commission federal election commission 2003 2004 federal election commission ).

hunting on foot or horseback in this magnificent landscape of great heights, immense beauty and big game means constant exposure, and constant risk. high temperatures can be extreme and violent thunderstorms can roll in on the shortest notice. a poorly placed foot could place you in a precarious position, risking injury or death. avoid these risks by keeping a comfortable distance from the beast, using mounted gamesmanship to get an advantage, and being familiar with the animal and its habits.

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