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Download Word Rush for Free and Enjoy Thousands of Word Games

Advancing keyboarding skills is at the heart of many teachers. They want to see their kids type quickly, just as bad as each kid wants to be the fastest typist. Each gaming app associated with our website provides a different interface, theme, or strategy to be utilized when participating. Some videogames feature different levels from easy to hard. The differentiation between each level can help give students a goal to strive for. This keeps the kids interested and focused on the task at hand. If your school is already using a keyboarding program, our gaming site offers lots of extra material to keep students motivated.Keyboarding is a skill everyone should be able to perform accurately, swiftly and automatically. Automaticity frees some of the limited capacity of short-term memory for other uses. Short-term memory, also frequently called working memory, is where learning and thinking activities occur.

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One of our most popular games, TypingAttack, is an educational game where you learn to type words quickly. Your mission is to attempt to survive an attack in space. Approaching ships are identified as words, and you must type those words to destroy the ship before it reaches and destroys you. Higher difficulty levels are available, allowing the player to choose a more leisurely learning pace or turn up the challenge to a more high-intensity laser-blasting affair. TypingAttack is perfect for older students to hone their keyboarding skills and have fun at the same time.

The development of various free keyboarding online websites such as TypeTastic has made some incredible progress in recent history. Studentshave been able to benefit from the new innovations and teachers have gotten useful tools to promote valuablekeyboarding skills. Nowadays keyboarding practice lessons can be more fun than ever in history! Now youcan arrange a short summer keyboarding camp every day.What are the primary advantages of keyboarding skills for kids?The fingers will develop the muscle memory.Hand-eye coordination gets a lot better.Alternative method for students having issues with handwriting.Increase words per minute speed and accuracy.Kids learn also spelling words and vocabulary.Better work opportunities when kids are adults.

Some of the game assets are self-created and licensed to us, and some games are bought from their creators, but most of the assets are free-to-use (open source) items downloaded from Github and adjusted a little to teach keyboarding skills. You can see the instructions, details about the creator, and their original license terms when you click the asset and scroll the page down. If you see there for example "MIT license", it means that everyone can use the source code under the permissive free software license. Some assets are distributed and licensed under GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE), meaning also you can re-use adjusted source code by right-clicking the asset and downloading the code hosted here.

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Word game aficionados come from every walk of life. What they share is a love for puzzles and for language. Word games are the nexus where visual and linguistic skills meet. For the very young, word games provide a stealthy form of education, teaching as they entertain. For older players word games can be both a social recreation and a solitary passion and a great way both to improve vocabulary and keep the mind sharp.

What course is best for learning to type faster?Typing Master 11 is a powerful typing tutor that will help you improve your typing substantially whether you are a novice or a professional typist. TypingMaster has nine different courses that will satisfy your changing needs as your skills and speed improve.The complete touch typing course will teach you the touch typing technique starting with the basics and advancing step-by-step using examples, word drills, and games to get you familiar with your keyboard.The Speed Building course helps you hone your typewriting skills once you have the basics covered. This is also good for experienced typists looking to keep their skill level up. Also, additional courses to practice the numbers, special character keys, and the numeric keypad are included.Download Course

What productivity tool will make your life much easier? Do you find yourself writing the same information repeatedly? Would you like to write the recurring text phrases faster? Autotext expander tool might be your newest best friend!Our professional QuickPhrase auto text tool helps in writing of frequently used text blocks faster! Feel free to download this clipboard utility that allows you to save text snippets and insert them quickly wherever your cursor is. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts or short abbreviations to expand text magically as you type!

Games are fun, but learning isn't always fun. That is why we recommend doing both at the same time. Many word games can help improve your communication and thinking skills while providing a fun way to pass the time, relax, and even spend time with loved ones.

If you love to play crossword puzzles and word searches on paper, then you can migrate this love to your Mac and explore the creative ways developers have re-invented some classics. We've compiled a list of our favorite free ones, so you don't have to spend time scouring the web.

Word searches are easy and fun puzzles that only need you to find the words hidden in a collection of scrambled letters. Word Search Go brings this popular paper game to the Mac with a beautiful classical music soundtrack.

This fun app puts a small twist on the classic by adding levels where some letters in the word are hidden, and you must find other related words to reveal them. The game also rewards you with coins after every 10 levels. With enough coins, you can pay for power-ups if you are stuck.

You can also buy coins if you are impatient and remove ads from the game. However, while playing this game on a Mac, we noticed no obvious ads. If you want to experience word games like this on the go, you should check out our list of word game apps you can play on Android and iPhone.

Three power-ups can help you in the game. The first adds letters to the input squares, the second eliminates unnecessary letters from your set, and the last one will zoom out the picture. You sometimes get free power-ups, but the easiest way to get them is to buy them with coins. If you run out of coins, you can spend some money replenishing your purse.

Word game meets multiplayer strategy in Letterpress as two players compete for dominance on a board of words. While having a good strategy head is key in Letterpress, a rich vocabulary is the only way to beat opponents. Letterpress forces you to expand this vocabulary while teaching you how to carve out words from random tiles.

The rules of the game are simple: create words and take "ownership" of the letters, and if you own all the adjacent letter tiles next to a letter tile, it becomes yours permanently. The game only ends when no new words can be formed or when the two players skip their turns. The aim is to have complete dominance of the board or the highest points when the game ends.

Word Connect Fun is a challenging and addictive game requiring you to build words by chaining the letters presented at each level. You must find all the words to progress to the next level, guessing what they are by how many letters make them up.

The game has an in-game currency called rubies, and you can earn more of it by finding more words than you need to. In turn, you can spend these rubies on hints that make the trickier levels bearable. You can also spend money buying rubies. However, If the normal game is too easy for you, there's a seven-letter (bingo) level difficulty that will test even the best wordsmiths.

One thing we really like about this game is the UI. It has a homey wooden feel with familiar scrabble-like tiles and soothing music to accompany its wholesomeness. But you should be careful as you progress too high, because many users have complained about bugs demanding obscure word combinations from your tileset.

While it's not the most robust memory game out there, One Brain can be a great way to build your quick-thinking skills and help you choose your words more efficiently. The game has three modes to choose from: colors, arrows, and numbers. Each of them will present a word experience and a visual experience, and you must choose whether or not the two match in just a few seconds!

This a simple game with no ads, no in-app purchases, and no premium version. It is completely free and straight to the point, characterized by a simple UI with large buttons. If you want more robust memory games, you can check our dedicated list of apps to help improve your memory.

Using Princeton's open-source word database, Synonyms Quiz presents an educative Mac word game that teaches people synonyms for English words. You can use this game to expand your vocabulary by learning synonyms and seeing better ways to express yourself.

SpellTower is a word-finding app you can play in three modes: tower, puzzle, and rush. Each of these modes offers different complexities to an otherwise simple game. The aim is simply to find as many words as possible while maximizing your points and strategically breaking the tiles.

Since it's an iPad app, SpellTower has ads, but you can pay a small fee to remove them and unlock other modes except the default three. However, SpellTower is pretty decent for a free game, provided you can put up with the ads that may pop up occasionally.

Dreamchild has been a professional writer, casual gamer, and TTRPG enthusiast since 2016. He studied law briefly before leaving it to pursue a full-time career in freelance writing, sharing the knowledge he has amassed with curious readers. He also volunteers at a repair shop, where he helps people troubleshoot minor software and hardware issues with their Apple devices.

To download Word Rush : 4 Letter Game mod from need enable the option "Unknown Sources".1. Click on the above link to download Word Rush : 4 Letter Game mod APK.2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

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