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[S3E5] The Lone And Level Sands

  • Comic Books Most, if not all, Super Teams are badass crews at some level. Any lone superhero is usually capable of holding his own in a fight, so a group with several of them fighting together is serious stuff.

  • Asterix: Asterix and the Gauls of his village are all super-powerful thanks to the magic potion of the druid Getafix. A single Gaul can take down a whole Roman military base by himself, so if they are angry enough to go all at once, then the Romans are really boned.

  • Blaze of Glory is half about getting one of these together to save the town of Wonderment from being destroyed. Given that this is a Bat Family Crossover of nearly all of Marvel's western heroes, you bet your six-shooter they're all badass.

  • Jawbreakers: Lost Souls: The "Jawbreakers" are a group of former superheroes who now do mercenary work. And fight giant gorilla monsters.

  • In Red Daughter of Krypton Guy Gardner leads a group consisting of Supergirl and three Red Lanterns. All of them are badass fighters armed with the most powerful weapon of The DCU. And her Kryptonian member is one of the most triumphant examples of Flying Brick.

  • The Transformers (IDW): Team Rodimus in The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye, including Rodimus himself, legendary fighters, brilliant scientists and engineers, one of Cybertron's best medics, and Megatron - yes, that Megatron. Oh, and the Transformers' God. At one point Rodimus lists off their accomplishments as a threat, including freeing planets, finding mythical figures, fighting super-soldiers, time travel and stealing a moon.

  • The Wreckers are a deconstruction. Most Wreckers are hard-as-nails fighters who are willing to be sent to their certain death for the greater good...but "certain death" actually means something in Wreckers stories in IDW '05, so the lineup rarely stays stable for long, and those who stay in it for a while tend to start racking up traumatic experiences or just straight-up lose it.

  • Wonder Woman (1942): The Holliday Girls is a sort of pseudo-commando unit of young women led by Etta Candy who track down and fight Nazi spies, aliens, supervillains, and common crooks. Individual members include Blood Knight Bobby Strong, Girly Bruiser Glamora Treat, highly adaptable Virginia True and the Trickster Heyday triplets. It's telling that both Steve Trevor and Wondy herself prefer to work with them rather than actual military units.

[S3E5] The Lone and Level Sands


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