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Valentine Osipov
Valentine Osipov

Aion Leveling Bot Free Extra Quality Download

Theres no more elemental shaman, they removed everything useless, there was a lot of potential in Aion, maybe NC Soft should give us the chance to have a good server in NA and dont let it die :P

Aion Leveling Bot Free Download

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why do u need to pay premium, i dont understand. seadon has all the classes so i switched to a witch, got 450 pve but no pvp. So i switched to a shaman and got 200 pve and no pvp.. finally i bought my classes pvp, but i am also a free trial, so they dont limit me anything in here.

I have seen allot of people who leave Aion because of this premium plan. It is retarded to think i should pay to play a game thats not even officially in NA atm. Its very few players atm. I know there is a new premium plan because I have it. Seadon is free.. free as in he got all the classes for free.

the best part about this game was the many many skill trees and I love that part of it. Make sure to level your skills up in the right order to maximize efficiency. I think that they should have giv en us some kind of skill tree or soemthing so we could level them instead of having to go through the point max like its very difficult to do and it sucks! The free cash is more efficient than the free points

So far I haven't really noticed much gameplay difference between this and the free Aion. The first hour doesn't really matter. You can still grind like before, get all your hard to find skill points. Don't believe the BS about being able to acquire 1 million points in an hour. With all the pve and pvp armor and gear you can't get all of that in a single hour.

Another additional benefit of these 5 Aion levelers is that the 5 of them are also guild leaders. So they get to create a guild on Aion. Until now there has been no worldwide guild leader so every player has had to find his own guild or create his own. But with Aion levelers, they will give the 5 Aion levelers status for the guild leader. This is going to mean that they will be eligible to be guild leader in the future. It is also expected that they will be recognized as powerful members of the community and they get to have a bigger say in the future of Aion, this will happen a bit later on, however it is also true that the 5levelers are going to get an awesome bonus. And in a way, it is a reward for their work so far.

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