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Buy Rab Jacket

Shop Now: Men's Insulated Jackets Men's Waterproof Jackets Men's Softshell Jackets An outdoor jacket has a tougher life than most items of clothing. Not only do they have to cope with the scuffs and scrapes of rugged terrain, but they need to survive being stuffed, packed, unpacked and still be ready to perform when you need them the most.

buy rab jacket

Leaning on decades of experience in the mountains, we've created a range of men's outdoor jackets that are ready to tackle whatever adventure you have planned. In the men's Rab Jacket range, you'll find options to keep you dry, whether you're looking for a packable waterproof for weekend rambles or a hardwearing GORE-TEX jacket for more intense use. You'll also find jackets to keep you warm, whether you need an expedition-ready insulated jacket, a lightweight down jacket to throw on while you're belaying or merely a winter coat for those colder months...

Browse the range of Rab clothing, sleeping bags and equipment online now, including gloves, jackets and more for men and women. The company was founded in Sheffield in 1981 by Rab Carrington, a leading Scottish climber and now produces top clothing and equipment for climbing and mountaineering.

So I happily found a hanger in my closet for the Rab Microlight Alpine, hoping it could be a jacket of all trades (I love it when puns just fall into my lap). Truly wanting to test its capabilities, I used it during a snowy, multi-day backcountry avalanche class, two kayak camping trips, a rainy car camping trip, and around town. Got to get in those use cases!

A few weeks later I headed up to Tahoe for a kayak camping trip and brought the Microlight Alpine jacket to fend off the mid-spring chill. I planned to use it around camp in the mornings and evenings, but decided to throw it on as we pushed our kayaks into the lake (mostly for the photo!)

Does anyone else have this problem with the hoods? The image is from a VR Guide jacket but the same issue persists on my Kinetic Alpine. I really like the VR Guide as it can cope with valley to summits during the colder months, however, if I'm not wearing a buff, or similar, and the hood is pulled tight, the highlighted metal ringlets dig into my forehead. They can get quite painful as the rings don't lie flat but, as seen in the photo, end up at right angles... basically sticking right into your head!! I am a bit fussy when it comes to gear and can focus on the tiniest flaws but this one is bloody annoying... and painful! Anyone suffer the same, any suggestions for solution? 041b061a72

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