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Buy Cat Tree

We have a cat furniture showroom that's open to the public. Come in and purchase cat trees at wholesale prices! You won't find a better deal on high quality cat trees or cat furniture anywhere else! Our cats will be happy to show you how everything works and which ones are their favorites. Yes, we really do have cats and are cat/animal lovers ourselves ^=^

buy cat tree

Large or extra large cat trees, like the Frisco 72-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, are 60 inches high or more. These tall cat trees could have as many as four or more perches, as well as multiple scratching posts and condos. Think mansion, but make it feline.

Most cat trees have scratching posts. Some have as many as 10! Scratching posts often serve as support pillars between the perches, like in the Frisco 48-in Heavy Duty Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, and sometimes, they double as boards or ramps too. Sisal fabric is the most common, premium and durable material for a scratcher, but some scratchers can be found in other coverings like seagrass, jute rope or carpet.

Climbing, playing, scratching, and hiding are all natural parts of your cat's daily activities, but sometimes they can be a bit destructive. Keep your cat's paws off your countertops and its claws out of your sofa by providing it with an enriching and engaging cat condo tree or cat condo. Cat structures like these are designed to let cats embrace their natural tendencies in a nondestructive way. In this guide, we'll show you how to choose the best cat condo trees and the best cat condos for your cats, so you can show them the love they show you every day.

Cat Tree: Cat trees are vertical cat structures that feature various zones for playing or lounging. They can range from one to six levels, which can include cat condos, scratching posts, ramps, tunnels, or hammocks. Because they have so much space, they're great for active cats or homes with more than one cat. Large cat trees require more assembly and often come with anti-tipping hardware for extra safety.

Number of Cats: If you have more than one cat, it's best to choose a cat condo with multiple levels to provide plenty of room for each cat to rest, jump, or play around.Weight Capacity: Check the description of the structure to see if it can support the total weight of your cat or cats. Number of Levels: With multiple levels, you'll have more room for your cat to play, explore, and lounge. Cat Life Stage: Your cat's age can also play a factor. Though kittens are smaller, they are much more active and often like to jump from level to level. Older cats prefer to lounge and sleep, so we recommend choosing a cat condo with enough room to get cozy and rest.Room Size: Like any piece of furniture, it's important to consider the size of your space to see if a cat condo or cat tree can physically fit within that room. Check the dimensions of the product when it's fully assembled to make sure the entire structure fits properly inside the space.Physical Fit: In addition to room size, check to see if your pet can fit comfortably inside the interior areas of the cat tree or cat condo. You'll want to ensure your cat has plenty of space to lounge around or play. You'll be able to find information in the dimensions page of each cat structure you're considering.

Small: At under 30" tall, small cat trees and cat condos are ideal for kittens and small spaces. Despite their small stature, small cat condos may still have one or more platforms on which your cat can perch as well as a cozy cat house in which your cat can hide and rest.

Extra Large: Extra-large cat trees are some of the biggest and most accommodating cat trees available, with heights of over 70". A super tall cat tree such as those in this category will become a key feature of the room in which it is placed, so it's ideal in large spaces where your cats are welcome. If you want to give your cat or cats the most engaging play structure possible, go with an extra-large cat tree.

You can also shop for cat trees and condos based on how many levels (or platforms) they have. The more levels, the more places for your cat or cats to perch. If you have multiple cats, we recommend choosing a cat tree that has at least one platform for each cat to provide each of them with their own perch if they decide they want their own space.

4 to Over 6 Levels: Looking for something larger? Cat trees with four to six (or more) levels can entertain multiple cats at once. These cat trees and condos tend to be on the taller side, with cat trees with six or more levels being some of the tallest and most accommodating cat trees available.

Carpet: Most cat trees and condos are covered in carpet so that the cat can claw at it and dull their nails, which is a healthy thing for them to do. Cats also like the texture of the carpet, which makes them more likely to claw the carpet than your furniture.

Cotton: Covering the cat tree in a fabric like cotton is a great choice because it keeps your cat tree perches clean and protected, helps them last longer, and protects your kitties from harmful chemicals. In addition, some batting underneath cotton fabric would make for a softer surface and better purchase for claws.

Sisal Rope: Tougher than standard rope by 80%, sisal-wrapped cat trees or cat condos with rope attachments are one of the most common types of trees because sisal rope is sturdy, long-lasting, and satisfying to cats looking to sharpen their claws. The best part is that rope is easily replaceable if you need to repair a spot or swap out a level.

Wood: All to say, wood or manufactured wood is a much better choice for cat trees above all. Cats don't tend to abuse wooden furniture the way they do with carpet or other plush coverings. Not only do wooden cat trees look nicer, but they'll also hold up much better over time.

Wall-Mounted: If you don't mind sharing your space with your cat, you can opt for a more permanent cat tree or condo installation, such as a wall-mounted cat tree. These cat trees take advantage of the height and stability of your walls and provide your cat or cats with an exciting climbing experience. Many wall-mounted cat structures consist of a few platforms between which cats can jump, though some resemble freestanding cat trees that are mounted to the wall. Choosing a wall-mounted cat tree is a unique way to embrace your cat's climbing and playing needs as part of your decor.

Hanging: Cat trees and condos in this category have one or more hanging components; this could be the entire structure (which would hang from the ceiling) or a small basket (which would hang from another component of the cat tree). Hanging cat platforms or baskets can provide your cat with a comfy, relaxing spot to snooze or observe their surroundings.

When choosing the right cat condo or cat tree for your cats, it's important to consider assembly needs. Each type of cat condo or cat tree will have a different level of assembly based on the size and type of installation. Make sure to check the product description to see the level of difficulty or if you need any tools for assembly.

Tip-Resistant: Cats can be playful and hyper, and if you have more than one, your cat tree may be prone to constantly tipping over. Diminish this possibility with a tip-resistant feature that provides each cat tree and condo with enough strength to keep it standing tall all day long.

Contains Catnip: If you really want to keep your cat entertained, opt for a cat tree or condo that has been treated with catnip. Catnip is not only safe and enjoyable for your cat, but its presence on cat trees can even keep them from scratching at your furniture.

Sisal Scratching Posts: Scratching posts are a must-have for exercise and claw maintenance. Cats can also stretch and pull against scratching posts to stay limber and agile. If you want your cat to be able to reap the benefits of a scratching post (and keep its claws off your furniture), opt for a cat tree or condo wrapped with sisal rope. Natural sisal rope is a scratching-post favorite that can withstand years of scratching.

Cat trees are a fundamental part of keeping a cat happy, healthy, and entertained. Choosing one of the best cat condos or cat trees will ensure that your feline friend is getting the most out of their special space. Check out some of our favorite cat condos and best cat care essentials.

  • Most cat trees are covered with carpet, which can quickly become covered in cat hair, dust, and dirt. Vacuum the cat tree at least once a month to remove the hair and other grunge. Should your cat have a hairball or other accident while on the tree, immediately remove any solids and blot away liquids to prevent stains or odors from developing.While several of our favorite cat trees have removable pads and other surfaces, machine washable features are much more rare. For removable items, your best approach is to typically to hand wash them in the sink and allow them to air dry fully before replacing them on the cat tree."}}]}]}] .icon-garden-review-1fill:#b1dede.icon-garden-review-2fill:none;stroke:#01727a;stroke-linecap:round;stroke-linejoin:round > buttonbuttonThe Spruce PetsNewslettersClose search formOpen search formSearch DogsGetting Started

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